Moving From Home

After spending my first twenty-five years in Illinois I finally made the leap to move away from my home state and it wasn’t to just the next state over. I decided to move nearly 800 miles away to Baltimore, Maryland. It was far and away the hardest decision I have ever made. I’d like to say I had spent hours thinking it through, making sure it was right for me because I generally don’t typically take big decision lightly. This seemed to be different though, I interviewed with offices in Omaha, NE, Huntsville, AL, and Baltimore, MD. I had actually initially accepted the job in Omaha, only to switch to Baltimore once I got the offer there. Anyway, I was so enamored with the job, the perks, and the prospect of a new city that I didn’t spend as much time taking a look at the negative aspect, leaving my family and friends. While I was driving the U-Haul with my Jeep in tow with my dog, Hershey, to Baltimore I suddenly had this thought:

“What the hell am I doing?”

It suddenly hit me. I was in West Virginia, over halfway to Baltimore and the scale of my decision was sinking in. Nearly everyone I know lives in Illinois or just over the Mississippi River in the STL area. Most of my family, whom I’m incredibly close with, is in Illinois. I’ve never lived more than just a couple hours from home. It’s always been within reach if I ever needed to go home, for whatever reason. It’s scary not having that option and it’s hard being so far from my parents and not seeing them that much. That being said I still believe it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I always wanted to do this. I had always wanted to take the chance and move from home. I never knew if I would ever step up and actually do it. It took a combination of several circumstances to push me to actually start pursuing jobs elsewhere. I had felt like I wasn’t growing at my job and I was growing bored there. A relationship had just come to an end and I knew that if I didn’t take the leap now that it would never happen. If you want to get out of your hometown or home state. Do it. You just have to take the leap. It’s scary. It’s hard. But it’s worth it. Don’t look back and regret never taking that leap. Don’t let your future self wonder, “What if…”.

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