Moving From Home

After spending my first twenty-five years in Illinois I finally made the leap to move away from my home state and it wasn’t to just the next state over. I decided to move nearly 800 miles away to Baltimore, Maryland. It was far and away the hardest decision I have ever made. I’d like to say I had spent hours thinking it through, making sure it was right for me because I generally don’t typically take big decision lightly. This seemed to be different though, I interviewed with offices in Omaha, NE, Huntsville, AL, and Baltimore, MD. I had actually initially accepted the job in Omaha, only to switch to Baltimore once I got the offer there. Anyway, I was so enamored with the job, the perks, and the prospect of a new city that I didn’t spend as much time taking a look at the negative aspect, leaving my family and friends. While I was driving the U-Haul with my Jeep in tow with my dog, Hershey, to Baltimore I suddenly had this thought:

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